Running / Gait Analysis

Person running on track

Running Analysis

If you have been running for years or are just starting out, consider having a comprehensive running analysis. It is important to understand your own mechanics and how they impact your performance, maximize your efficiency as a runner, reduce your risk of injury and increase your longevity as a runner.

With years of experience, we have a keen eye and look at the whole picture when it comes to helping you improve your mechanics.  This will always involve assessing the way you move on and off the treadmill along with other lifestyle factors that can be contributing to your training. We than design a plan of management based on your goals.

Pain & Injury

Do you have an aggravating pain, recurring injury, or could simply benefit with better form? We can help!

We will rarely tell you not to run.

We want to change as little as possible; your body has adapted to your running technique but by tweaking a couple things we can make a significant difference when it comes to injury prevention and improving performance.

Person running on trail with knee brace
Person on treadmill

Running Video Analysis

Our run video analysis can indicate biomechanical issues and simple adjustments that can be easily implemented into your run technique and training; creating stronger and more injury resilient runners,   By empowering you, through education our goal is to help you understand the best steps to take towards improving your running, health, and overall wellness.